Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012

There is place for adjusting. It's feels like it has been a continuous mess since June 2011.  Maybe I should  refer to this as The Break or The Intermission. Can an intermission last fourteen months? What about twenty four months? An intermission that lasts two years should or can achieve something. Would it be a waste of time if nothing was achieved? And what even counts as achievement. This needs to count towards something.

Why have I come to calling and understanding this period as a break? Am I really planning on picking up where I ended off? I hope not. I think a big part of my unhappiness with 2012 is because I refer to as transitional. When did I decide it was a resting point, a steady wait for a turn? I'm not giving it any credit or importance. It's being written off as invalid. Maybe I'm scared of saying "this is it" because I would have never expected or wanted this. I want something better so I've thrown all this time under a heavy rug called "transition". Well shit. It isn't! You've graduated college and shit sucks right now but this is still as valid as a day or year as any other. Maybe talking to myself through a blog post will help?