Friday, June 18, 2010


I have never listened to so much Jack Johnson or Rolling Stones in my entire life. This morning began with answering listener emails or forwarding them on to people who knew how to answer them. I got reprimanded from one of the Andys for sending website questions to Andy #1 when they were meant for Andy #2. Sorry?
After sitting around for an hour and half and attempting polite conversation with Pretty Girl in charge of Promotions I charged off to the kitchen to get a coffee. I organized the sugars, the creamers, and even wiped down the coffee maker to avoid the disaster called ripping music. Boss Lady finally came in and threw me into Studio M, my
office, and I shat myself while staring at Enco. The software we use to load new music. Sometimes I have no idea why they chose me. I plugged in this new music for about 3 hours. Boss Lady got a bit huffy because it was taking me so long but come on, it's my first day without training wheels. After that things began to pick up speed, I answered phone calls and sounded knowledgeable. I accidently hung up on someone trying to win a contest. Ooops! I made a form for documenting callers and got a high-five from Boss Lady and Boss Lady's Boss.
Now I'm editing songs, clipping intros and endings and pasting sounds bites. Commercial radio is nothing like non-com. So far I've noticed there is very little breathing room. I will expand on my feelings about 'radio' in later posts. I think it would be nice to start blogging more frequently, to document my fiasco with radio.
lol Jack Johnson song #? is playing right now

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