Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My good friend Sean is a car salesman at the Mercedes Benz dealership in San Francisco and I finally got around to visiting him at work to test drive a car. He let me sit in a few cars that were over $100,000 and had pulsating seats with cooling headrests. They smelled like leather, a good scotch, and deep pockets. Not in my price range at the moment. Actually, none of the cars were in my price range because I have close to nothing in my bank account after that towing incident in Santa Cruz.
Sean took me out in a smart car. I chose the black convertible because it is sleek and sexy, almost like me. Here is an excellent photo of me with the car. San Francisco was the usual grey, getting me ready for England.
The car was close to perfect. There are a few things I don't like about the exterior of the car, like the front and rear lights, but for the most part it fit me well. So, give it a good five years, or the discovery of a trust fund and it will be mine.
(Thank you Sean for letting me hang out at work with you.)

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