Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seven 7"s and One 12"

reviews from today

1. dreamdate
A-Side: The One I Need
B-Side: D.A.N.C.E. Party

A-Side: Lust for Life
B-Side: Life in San Francisco

3. Kurt Vile
A-Side: He's Alright (vibrato guitars by J Turbo.)
B-Side: Farfisas in Falltime, Take Your Time

4. Sea Lions
A-Side: Lets Groove
B-Side: Beautiful Day, Good Feelings

5. Maria
A-Side:Love Is Something I know Nothing About
B-Side: Spend My Days With You, When The Sun Goes Down

6. times new viking
A-Side: Move to California, Pentagram
B-Side: City on Drugs, Teen Spirit in Hell

7. Simon Joyner
A-Side: Time Slows Down in Dreams
B-Side: Sean Foley's Blues

The only 12" I did today was Small Black, which was AMAZING.
Despicable Dogs
Weird Machines
Bad Lover
Pleasant Experience
Lady in The Wires